To order new cell phone service please follow these steps:

  1. Decide on what type of device and functionality is needed (e.g., email, data, text messaging, camera, or voice only).
  2. Select a wireless carrier.  Verizon is our preferred carrier, but we also have contracts with AT&T \.
  3. Decide on a plan which will suit your needs.*  Will you be using text messaging or picture text messaging?  How much do you plan on using your phone for voice calls?  How much do you plan on using your phone for data/email?  Will you be calling other cell phones within the same carrier?
  4. Review the website of the carrier you have chosen to decide on the device of your choice (Verizon, AT&T).  Please keep in mind that we do get special pricing from our vendors.*
  5. Obtain the proper approval.  (For colleges, the Dean’s office will need to approve the request.)
  6. Submit an ISR to IS&T Communication Services including:
    • The rate plan/data plan you would like to have.  Also include if you need a text messaging plan or any other feature you think you will need.
    • The type of phone you would like to order.
    • Any accessories such as car adapters and headsets you would like ordered with the device.
    • The name of the person using the new phone and their BU ID number (U number). There must be a name attached to the telephone number.
    • Please advise us if you will be using the phone internationally.
  7. When your device arrives at the IT Help Center, a staff member will contact you to arrange a set-up and pick-up time for the device.

Considerations: Many carriers have “In-Calling”, meaning that you can call another phone on the same carrier without using your minutes.  Nights and weekends are usually offered, although peak times vary.  Phones ordered will need to be activated within 30 days, those that are not will be charged full price for the device.  Apple iPhones are not regulated by AT&T, therefore replacements need the approval of Apple Technical Services if beyond the 15-day return period.  Upgrades are every 2 years for iPhones.

* Note: We realize that choosing a plan and device can be confusing. We are always available to help with selections that best suit your business needs.

For all inquiries, troubles, or assistance required, please contact us at 617-353-HELP (4357) or