Exchange offers enterprise calendar tools that improve efficiency when scheduling meetings and rooms. It can even be used to simply share your free and busy times with your colleagues. When you configure your desktop or device client for use of email with Exchange the calendar interface that’s associated with that email client will also be configured, automatically.

The pages in this section of TechWeb provide helpful instructions for some common Exchange calendaring tasks, and the instructions below will get you started with the basics of making a meeting.

Basic Steps for Creating a Meeting Invite

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1. Whether you are in Outlook or Outlook Web App, you would begin to set up a meeting by going to the Calendar.


2. Next, click on the Meeting button (or choose New->Meeting).


3. Set up the meeting invitation by identifying the invitees and any needed rooms* (in the Location field) or resources. Then, provide a Subject and Message, just as you normally would when sending an email message.

*Note: If you would like to have a room or resource set up in Exchange so that it can be scheduled in a meeting invitation, please submit a Help request.

Note that you can use the Scheduling Assistant to check the availability of all invitees. This is a key benefit to use of Exchange calendaring.

4Meeting to discuss the project - Meeting

4. Once you are happy with the meeting, click on Send. The meeting will then appear in your calendar and in the calendars of all invitees, giving them the opportunity to Accept, Decline, or make Tentative. For those who Accept, the meeting time will block their availability in Exchange for the duration of the meeting.