Guiding Principles

  • Notifications need to be short, concise, and clear.
  • These notifications are automated responses. Therefore, they should be formal and not appear as though they were written by an individual.
  • To eliminate possible confusion, the automated receipt should have a different tone than the messages written by support staff.
  • We should have only one receipt/arrival notification regardless of whether client emails in, submits via TechWeb, walks in, calls in, or has on-site staff create a ticket for them. Instead of saying something like, “Thank you for contacting us,” we should use, ” We are acknowledging receipt of your ticket.”
  • Consistent format for notifications both internal and external. With more consistent notifications, it’s easier to see exactly what the client sees when they call in to ask a question. In addition, staff using ServiceNow are oftentimes clients as well.
  • Notifications must be viewable and useful on many device types with different character limits on subject lines. Notifications will not have HTML or images embedded in them.