Major Incident Policy

A major incident is an incident that impacts more than one client group such that service is interrupted or there is imminent threat of interruption.  Major incidents are worked continuously until resolution.  An Incident Coordinator will run a conference call in which engaged resolvers are required to participate.

When a major incident is identified, immediately call the IT Help Center (617-353-4357) and ask to speak with an Incident Coordinator to begin the Major Incident process. If it is after hours, leave an emergency message by choosing option 4 to have an on-call Incident Coordinator paged.

Incident Coordinator responsibilities:

• Running the conference call
• Keeping the incident record up to date
• Communicating with the affected user communities
• Communicating with management
• Engaging internal and external escalation points as needed

Resolvers and Participants on the call are required to:

• Be on the call ready to work within 15 minutes of being paged to the call
• Keep the participants updated on the work you are doing
• Keep your phone on mute unless speaking
• Stay on the phone while working – don’t hang up and then call back in without permission of the Incident Coordinator
• Remember that the only goal is to restore service – do not collect diagnostic information if it will interfere with resolution time
• Do not make any changes or reboot a server without informing the Incident Coordinator
• Update the ticket with as much information as possible while you are working

P1 vs P2 Major Incidents:

Depending on the impact and urgency, a major incident will be categorized as a P1 or P2. Incident Coordinators utilize a priority matrix to determine the appropriate impact and urgency.

All P1 tickets are considered major incidents.  P2 tickets are considered major if the impact is “multiple groups” or “campus.”

P1 major incidents are worked 24/7.  P2 major incidents are worked until completed, including after hours, but if a P2 is discovered after hours the conference call will not be started until the next business day.

Major Incident Process Flow Chart:

(Click on the chart to zoom in on it.)

Major Incident Process