A notification is sent to the assignee and internal watch list whenever a client responds to a ticket. In addition, if a ticket was On Hold > Pending Client, the system will  automatically change the status back to Assigned/Unassigned to alert the Assigned To/Ticket Wrangler that there has been activity on the ticket.

You can also organize your list of tickets in such a way that you can sort the most recently updated ticket to the top of your list view.

  1. Within the left navigation bar under Incident, select My work
  2. On the menu bar, click on the Update Personalized List (little yellow gear on the left)
  3. From the list of available fields, select Updated and Add it to the  selected list. (Note: If you don’t see Updated as an option on the left, it might already be in the Selected list on the right.)
  4. Next, move Selected up toward the top of the list so it will be among the first fields of data presented for each ticket. Click OK
  5. Now, whenever you are viewing your list, you can do a right click on the Updated field label and select Sort A to Z (which will put the most recently updated ticket at the top of your list).