Research Computing Help

Our expert staff members are available to help you make the best use of our high-performance computing and visualization resources. Our services run the gamut from answering simple questions about system use to engaging in ongoing collaboration on your scientific computing or visualization projects. We can also teach you to use these resources more easily and efficiently on your own.

Access to Research Computing Systems

Please go to our SCF Accounts page if you are interested in getting access to our specialized computing resources.


We offer consulting services free of charge on scientific programming, using our systems, and graphics & visualization projects. We provide individualized assistance for your particular project and offer expertise in parallelizing code, program optimization for our environment, scientific libraries, and visualization techniques.

Additionally, our consultants can help you to learn and use our many available software packages.


To get an idea of what our services can offer you, we have several galleries documenting various projects of researchers that we have helped with in porting code, managing computer systems, and aiding in visualizing data from numerous fields of science.

Additional Help

We also offer a variety of live tutorials, online self-paced tutorials, and an archive of past presentations given by our staff and others.

Questions on the use of our high-performance computing facilities may be answered by our FAQ.

Please also don’t hesitate to contact us directly with your questions:

For questions not involving Research Computing, you will most likely be best off contacting the IT Help Center.