Finding a Work-Study Job

Depending on your previous work experience and how much effort you invest in your search, you may be able to find a job related to your academic and career goals. A job that isn’t related to your field of study can still provide valuable experience and a better understanding of workplace dynamics, so keep an open mind.

And remember: Many supervisors are open to expanding a routine job into new responsibilities. The more initiative you demonstrate, the more likely your supervisor will be to assign you higher-level tasks and/or promote you.

Students who have been awarded Work-Study may access the Work-Study Job Directory on the Student Link.

Contact listed employers to learn more about posted positions or to set up interviews. Introduce yourself as a Work-Study student, and write e-mails with the same formality you would use for a business letter. If you don’t hear back, it may be appropriate to follow up, to be sure that your original inquiry was received.

If you need further assistance in your job search, contact Student Employment Services.

Remember: If you have not secured a job or deferred your work-study award by the placement deadline, your award will be canceled.