Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a safe and convenient way to have your earnings automatically deposited into your checking or savings account.

In order to apply for direct deposit, a student must have access to ESS (Employee Self-Service). This access becomes available to a student employee once the student’s record has been established in SAP (University payroll system). This will typically be on the Thursday after the student has been hired into the Student Payroll system. Please note that during peak hiring time, September and January, access may not be available until Friday after the student has been hired into the Student Payroll System.

If you receive an error message when you are trying to access the Direct Deposit function, you should go to one of the IS&T Help Desks located throughout campus. You should provide your BU ID card and ask them to raise your system security level so that you can access the Employee Self-Service options.

A student is required to have a social security number in order to apply for direct deposit.

Eligible students may enroll by selecting Direct Deposit Authorization on the Student Link Work tab. You will need your bank’s routing number and your bank account number.  Click here for instructions on how to apply.

You will be notified by e-mail ( each time you are paid. You may view your salary statements on the Student Link Work tab, under View Salary Statements.

To change which bank account your earnings are deposited to, use the Direct Deposit Authorization option on the Student Link Work tab.  Remember you will need to know your old account information to make the change.

If you wish to cancel your direct deposit, submit a Payroll Direct Deposit Cancellation Request to the Student Payroll Office.

Please Note: If a check is deposited into a closed account, it will not be reissued until the funds have been returned to the University by the bank. This process takes approximately three weeks.

Problems with direct deposit are rare. In fact, but if one should arise, contact Student Payroll.