Is Questrom right for you? We hope so.

Our students are active, involved, and eager to learn.

They come from both coasts and most states in-between. Many come from families who have owned or managed businesses, and a large percentage arrive with a strong entrepreneurial drive.

They’re smart, articulate, and tend to have experience in community service and leadership. Some have already created small businesses on their own.

The number of women (50%), minorities (39%), and international students (30%) are among the nation’s highest, and demonstrate the diversity of Questrom, a valuable learning environment for a global economy.

We welcome all inquiries, and urge you to visit the campus as the best way to appraise what we offer. Boston University and Questrom tours are available year-round. Once you see our state-of-the art building, you just might make up your mind on the spot.

All undergraduate admissions (freshmen and transfers) for all Boston University Schools and Colleges are handled centrally through the Boston University Office of Admissions.