A New Beginning

By Tony & Sherris Richards, Parents of Lauren, COM’22, and BU Parent Ambassadors

We attended the new student orientation June 6-8 at BU. Our family was excited to see where our daughter would be living the next four years, but also apprehensive as she would be 1500 miles from home.

From our initial contact to our final departure we were absolutely impressed and enthralled with the professionalism, dedication and passion of everyone we met on campus. From the Deans, to the students and everyone we encountered, the feeling of family and belonging was felt with every touch point.

The Parent Program representatives were so incredibly attentive to our feelings and emotions that we quickly realized we were part of not only a community, but family.

Even though the few days at BU moved quickly, we will hold the closeness in our hearts forever. If your son or daughter is considering attending BU, let us encourage you to come and visit, and say from our hearts, that the people and experience is outstanding. GO TERRIERS!