Our Community

The Pardee Center operates as a network of collaborations and collaborators that include scholars at Boston University as well as partners beyond the University.

In addition to the Pardee Center staff, a number of BU faculty and research fellows work on Pardee Center research and activities, either in residence at the Center or within their own departments/institutions. The Center also has a tradition of inviting visiting professors for short periods of time to be in residence for research, lectures, and symposia.

Faculty Fellows

Cutler Cleveland
Dr. Cutler Cleveland
Faculty Fellow
susan eckstein thumbnail
Prof. Susan Eckstein
Faculty Fellow
Prof. Joseph Fewsmith
Prof. Joe Fewsmith

Faculty Fellow
Susie Foster Icon
Prof. Susan Foster
Faculty Fellow
Prof. Kevin Gallagher
Faculty Fellow
John Gerring
Prof. John Gerring
Faculty Fellow
suchi tumbnail
Prof. Sucharita Gopal
Faculty Fellow
John Hammock
Prof. John Hammock
Visiting Faculty Fellow
Ann Helwege Thumbnail
Prof. Ann Helwege
Faculty Fellow
rob hollister
Prof. Rob Hollister
Visiting Faculty Fellow
Prof. Les Kaufman
Faculty Fellow
James (Jim) McCann
Prof. Jim McCann
Pardee Center Director, ad interim
paul mcmanus
Paul McManus
Faculty Fellow
Adil Najam
Prof. Adil Najam
Former Pardee Center Director
Prof. Nathan Phillips

Faculty Fellow
Prof. Henrik Selin
Faculty Fellow
Anne Headshot
Prof. Anne Short
Faculty Fellow
Dr. Enrique Silva
Faculty Fellow
Strom Thacker
Prof. Strom Thacker
Faculty Fellow
Prof. Stephanie Watts
Faculty Fellow
Prof. Muhammad Zaman
Faculty Fellow

Research Fellows

Janot Mendler de Suarez
Visiting Research Fellow
Dr. Pablo Suarez
Visiting Research Fellow
Rachel Thrashes
Rachel Thrasher
Research Fellow