Our Research

The Pardee Center catalyzes and leads interdisciplinary, multipartner research projects conducted by BU faculty and students, visiting scholars, and post-doctoral research associates in five major areas of focus:

Global Environmental Change:

Understanding the risk of global changes in climate and land use, the opportunities for adapting to that risk, and the potential for reducing long-term risk by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and demand for natural resources.

Coupled Human and Natural Systems:

Assessing the dynamic interactions between people and natural systems and highlighting the implications of tradeoffs between natural resource management and economic development.

Institutional and Economic Governance:

Exploring the evolution of the governance and policies of international institutions that finance development and guide nations’ responses to environmental challenges.

Future Energy and Urban Systems:

Understanding the intersecting trends of rapid urbanization and evolving sustainable energy systems.

Public Health in the Developing World:

Analyzing the challenges of delivering health services and combating emerging diseases in developing countries with limited resources.

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