Pardee Center “South-South” Book Receives Favorable Review

South South cover-1The Future of South-South Economic Relations, a book stemming from a Pardee Center 2010 conference of the same name, received a favorable review by the LSE Review of Books, a book review blog published by the London School of Economics and Political Science. The reviewer wrote:

This book is worth the attention of anyone who wishes to understand the future of South-South economic relations. It is rich in case studies, and successful in conveying the idea that dissatisfaction of the aim of economic cooperation between South-South to reach long-term interest creates both economic and political cleavages which in turn draw the Southern countries in a prisoner’s dilemma situation.

Published in December 2012 by Zed Books, the volume was edited by former Pardee Center Director Prof. Adil Najam (now Vice Chancellor of Lahore University of Management Sciences in Pakistan) and Pardee Center Research Fellow Rachel Denae Thrasher.  It features chapters by several international experts on the topic who presented preliminary versions of their book chapters at the 2010 conference.