South-South Economic Relations

Pardee Center Project on South-South Relations

Pardee Center Project on South-South Relations

Project Coordinators: Prof. Adil Najam and Rachel Denae Thrasher

This project brought together leading experts from across the world to look at the emerging dynamics of economic relations among developing countries. The Pardee Center held a conference September 23-24, 2010, in which each author presented his or her  preliminary conclusions and provided feedback for other participants.

The conference papers were subsequently incorporated into an edited volume titled The Future of South-South Economic Relations published in December 2012 by Zed Books. The table of contents is included below.

Adil Najam and Rachel Thrasher (editors)

1) Latin American economic cooperation: causes and consequences of regime complexity
Laura Gomez-Mera

2) African trade and economic integration: longer-range prospects
Eric K. Ogunleye

3) Financial crisis and regional economic cooperation in Asia-Pacific
Nagesh Kumar

4) Regional trade integration and conflict resolution: an institutional paradigm
Shaheen Rafi Khan

5) Developing countries at the WTO in a changing global order
Haroldo Ramanzini  Jr and Manuela Trindade Viana

6) South-South foreign direct investment flows: wishful thinking or reality?
Mariana Rangel

7) Brazil: South-South economic relations and global governance
Alcides Costa Vaz

8) South-South trade and the environment
Kathryn Hochstetler

9)Latin America and China: trading short-term growth for (China’s) long-run prosperity
Kevin P. Gallagher

12) Growing economic relations between the GCC and Chindia
Nader Habibi