Ignition Awards


The Ignition Award Program awards funds to validate early-stage projects with clear commercial and medical potential. By enabling researchers to generate relevant data, reach key milestones, or show proof-of concept, the Ignition Awards help bring new technologies to a mature enough state where they can be licensed, spun off as a New Venture, or create a new, non-profit social enterprise.

The awards are not prizes, but are funds to accomplish specific applied research tasks. The competition is open to all Boston University faculty across all disciplines.  Competitive proposals will include a well constructed plan for advancing the technology or business concept to a stage that will attract the additional commercial resources necessary to bring the product to market.

The application process begins in October, with final award decisions made in March (key dates).  The Office of Technology Development, working with an Investment Committee of representatives from the investment and industry community, select award recipients based on a thorough review judging the feasibility and impact of the proposed project.

Awardees must agree in advance to the terms and conditions of the award. Applicants can find further information about the competition in the links on the right hand side of this page. Please contact Ana Lopes, Director Business Development if you have any questions or visit our FAQ’s page.