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Group Work and Quiet Study Spaces

Our library generally stays quiet, but occasionally there are groups of students studying together, or children choosing their favorite picture books from our collection. Library tours and the inevitable cell phone call can be disruptive as well.

The spaces below may be reserved at the discretion of the PERL Librarian and staff.
Reservations must be during normal library hours.

eClassroom / Computer Lab

There are 23 computers available in this room that functions as a computer lab when not scheduled for a class. There are an additional 4 computers elsewhere in the library (see our floorplan). Introductions to library resources typically take place in this room.

Sustainability Resources Center

The Sustainability Resources Center (SRC) is a multifaceted space for any Sustainability and Green groups, and can be scheduled for meetings.

Group Work Room

Our group work room can host up to eight people at a time. There is a support beam in the middle of this room and no widows, so it is occasionally also used as a place for quiet study. The BU wireless network is accessible here, and the room has several outlets.

Quiet Study Room

Our quiet study room is very small and is usually used by a single person at a time. There are no windows but there are outlets and the BU wireless network is available.