Jewish Learning

Talmud Torah (Jewish learning) is a cornerstone of any Jewish community, and BU Hillel staff offer creative, fun and meaningful classes open to the entire campus. In addition, they are available for one-on-one learning and individual pastoral care. Feel free to contact any of them to set up a time to meet. They are happy to learn with students from beginner level to expert on any Jewish subject.  All questions are welcome and everyone is invited.

A full listing of 2017-18 classes will be posted soon.


Here are a sampling of sermons from our rabbinic staff.


SNL (Sunday Night Learning)

Fall Semester: Wisdom of the Jewish Calendar

Come learn with your fellow students and enjoy a pizza dinner!

We will walk through the highlights of the Jewish calendar, minhag (customs), halacha (laws), and their spiritual meaning. We will examine the High Holidays and the process of teshuva (return/repentance) one goes through starting with the month of Elul through the Ten Days of repentance. We stop to examine Rosh Hashana focussing on the joy of fresh beginnings and keeping it alive throughout the whole year. We will then explore Shabbat as a cornerstone for the week and more about the Jewish experience of religious expression. We will end the series with the meaning of the Chanukah and lighting the menorah lights.

Taught by Rabbi Yehuda Witt

Sunday nights at 6pm starting September 10th

Contemplative Practices and Meditation through a Jewish Lens

Each week we will began class studying a traditional Jewish text mindfully. We will then dive into a contemplative practice rooted in our learning.

Taught by Rebbetzin Sarah

Tuesdays at 11 AM starting September 11th

10 Ethical Dilemmas: What Would You Do?

Make friends while discussing sticky situations that challenge our assumptions and explore Jewish and contemporary ideas on issues including Jewish responsibility for other communities, free speech vs. offensive speech, the environment, commerce and relationships.

Taught by Rabbi Elie Lehmann Email to sign up!

Monday at 5:30 – 7:00 pm; Starting October 16

The Rabbi and Rebbetzins Table

Join Rabbi Yehuda and Rebbetzin Sarah at the Kosher Dining hall for a drop in lunch and learn, you bring the topics and Rabbi Yehuda and Sarah are there to answer all your questions.

Tuesdays, 12:00-1:00 pm starting September 12

Wine and Judaism

An introduction to wine history and geography, wine tasting, and the role of wine within Judaism.  Each session will include learning, discussion, and tasting.  This course is open to all students (tasting will only be available to students who are over 21).   

Taught by Reb Jevin Eagle

Starting Thursday, October 19 at 4:30 pm.

Shabbat Afternoon Shiurim:

Alternating weeks womens and Mens Shuir

Rabbi Yehuda and Sarah


Monthly Classes

Women’s Rosh Chodesh

A monthly gathering with activities, learning, and socializing hosted at at Rebbetzin Sarah’s House (please be in touch with

Fall Semester Dates:

Thursday 10/19 8 PM

Saturday 11/18 6-8  PM

Saturday 12/17 6-8 PM

Monthly Lunch and Learn

BU Hillel, – 12 PM on 1st Monday of the month

Come learn about modern topics in Judaism from fresh perspectives from guest speakers.

One-on-One Learning

In our tight-knit community, we have a unique opportunity to learn one-on-one with Rabbi Elie, Rabbi Yehuda and Sarah. They offer their time to students wherever they may be on their Jewish journey as they explore how Jewish identity is relevant in their lives.  They are happy to learn with students from beginner level to expert on any Jewish subject.  All questions are welcome and everyone is invited.

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For more information about Jewish learning, reach out to our wonderful staff:

Other Classes

Introduction to Hebrew: Aviva Reichgott

BU Hillel, 1st Floor Library – Wednesday Evenings

Exactly what its title says, this interesting and enjoyable course is intended for students with little to no background in the language, and includes reading in Hebrew and conducting elementary conversations. The course is free of charge, and a choice of three class times on Wednesday evenings are available: 5:00 – 6:00 pm, 6:00 – 7:00 pm, or 7:00 – 8:00 pm. Contact Aviva Reichgott at