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Climb the Great Wall of FitRec.

Why? Because you can! Our amazing 30-foot Barreca Climbing Wall is an endorphin-pumping challenge that uses every muscle in your body, including the one between your ears.  Rock climbing is a unique and exciting sport, and the FitRec wall is designed to accommodate climbers of all ages and ability levels.  Members have free access to our great wall anytime during open recreation hours, and all necessary climbing equipment can be rented from the Pro ShopContact us if you have questions!

Climbing Wall Hours

Monday - Thursday

12 pm - 2 pm
7 pm - 9 pm

Friday - Sunday

5 pm - 8 pm


Get To Know The Wall

The wall is open for all members, but there are some skills you’ll need to learn before you can use it to its full potential.  We have three great programs that can get you started!

  1. Rope Up – Wednesday nights 7:00-10:00.  This package includes equipment rental and an opportunity to rope climb to the top of the wall under the guidance of the staff.  Passes are available at Pro Shop upon arrival.
  2. Learn to Belay – Thursday nights 7:30-9pm.  Knowing how to manage some basic rope systems is a prerequisite for rope climbing in any setting. This class will teach you the basic skills you need to become an independent rock climber! We can also offer this class on request for small groups.
  3. Climbing Semester Pass–  Rather than renting equipment each time you come, this pass will allow you unlimited shoe, harness and chalk rental for the current semester.

Classes for beginners and savvy climbers

If you’re a first-timer or unsure of your climbing skills, we suggest taking a Learn to Belay class before tackling the wall on your own.

For climbers looking to hone their climbing technique and chase harder grades, take a look at Movement and Technique and Strength Training for Climbing.  These classes focus on overcoming the physical and mental challenges of climbing by improving technique, coordination, and focus.

Wanting to break into the world of real rock climbing?  Luckily for us, Boston is just a few hours away from some beautiful world class climbing destinations!  We offer three indoor classes that will teach the technical and risk management skills necessary to take your climbing into the great outdoors: Learn to Rappel, Lead Climbing, and Gym to Crag Transition.

We also offer private lessons for those looking for one-on-one instruction.  And don’t forget our awesome programs for youth and families!

FitRock Climbing Competition

The FitRock Climbing Competition is intended for climbers of all experience levels, and there will be prizes for the winners of each division. Please check back for information regarding The 4th Annual FitRock Climbing Competition. In the meantime, see what went down in last year’s competition in the video below.

Rent the Wall

Hosting a birthday party or office function? Rent our Barreca Climbing Wall and take your event to new heights.

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