EU Views: Ines Garcia de la Puente

August 7th, 2017 in Podcasts.

Name: Ines Garcia de la Puente Nationality: Spanish Occupation(s): Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian & Comparative Literature Connection to Europe: Prof. Garcia de la Puente specializes in East Slavic Middle Ages and Translation studies . She teaches survey courses on Russian culture of all periods, on Russian literature, on Nabokov, on transculturality, and on the immigrant experience with a focus on women. Garcia de la Puente has lived, taught and researched for extended periods of time in Russia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and... Read More

EU Views: Graham Wilson

July 31st, 2017 in Podcasts.

Name: Graham Wilson Nationality: UK Occupation(s): Professor of Political Science; Co-founder and Director of the Boston University Initiative on Cities. Connection to Europe: Born in UK. Educated at Oxford (BA, PhD) and University of Essex (MA). Date of interview: May 4, 2017 In this episode, Prof. Graham Wilson talks to Olya Yordanyan about the resilience of the European Union in the face of Brexit and other challenges, given the wave of antipathy towards EU institutions, not only in countries where it might be expected... Read More

EU Views: Erik Goldstein

July 24th, 2017 in Podcasts.

Name: Erik Goldstein Nationality: American Occupation(s): Professor of International Relations and History at the Boston University Pardee School of Global Studies Connection to Europe: Attended Cambridge for his PhD and worked in Europe for over 30 years. Date of interview: May 4, 2017 In this episode, Erik Goldstein discusses the diverse history of European countries and the need to support the organic convergence of the various forms and ideas of democracy across the EU member states into a single coherent project. He talks about... Read More

EU Views: Christian Feld

July 17th, 2017 in Podcasts.

Name: Christian Feld Nationality: German Occupation(s): Brussels-based political correspondent for ARD German TV, Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. Connection to Europe: Date of interview: May 3, 2017 In this episode, German journalist Christian Feld highlights the role of journalists in facilitating a dialogue that exposes threats to democracy in an era of “disinformation” and “fake news.” He argues that that Europeans would have more trust in the EU if the project was perceived as helping citizens, who are not interested in democracy as an... Read More

EU Views: William Keylor

July 10th, 2017 in Podcasts.

Name: William “Bill” Keylor Nationality: American Occupation(s): Professor of International Relations and History at the Boston University Pardee School of Global Studies Connection to Europe: Prof. Keylor traveled while in college and studied in France on a Fulbright Scholarship. He specializes in ‘transatlantic relations’ and has been a visiting professor at Sciences Po (Paris), in addition to having worked in London for several years. Date of interview: April 20, 2017 In this episode, William Keylor talks to Olya Yordanyan about the emerging future in Europe. Read More

EU Views: Joaquín Almunia

July 3rd, 2017 in Podcasts.

Name: Joaquín Almunia Nationality: Spanish Occupation(s): Politician; EC Vice President and European Commissioner for Competition (2010-2014); European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs (2004-2010); Spanish Minister for Employment (1982-1986) and Public Administrations (1986-1991) Connection to Europe: Prominent Spanish politician in favor of the Eurozone and the EU (Europhile); leader of the opposition as secretary general of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (1997-2000), lost in the 2000 Spanish general election; Member of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), Advisory Council member of... Read More

EU Views: Cornel Ban

June 26th, 2017 in Podcasts.

Name: Cornel Ban Nationality: Romanian Occupation(s): Assistant Professor of International Relations, Co-Director of the Global Economic Governance Initiative Connection to Europe: Cornel Ban’s main research focus is the political economy of the European union, and he is the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles on economic policy strategies in Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Latin America, professionals and economic policy, the politics of IMF fiscal policy advice and European financial crisis management. Date of interview: April 12th, 2017 In this episode, Cornel Ban speaks about... Read More

EU Views: Elizabeth Carter

June 19th, 2017 in Podcasts.

Name: Elizabeth “Betsy” Carter Nationality: American Occupation(s): Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of New Hampshire Connection to Europe: Her current book project is an investigation of the linkages between political organization, market protection, and value construction in luxury markets in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the EU. Carter’s comparative political economy research analyzes the dynamics between trust and power across the supply chain, and their relationship to prices and perceived production quality. Date of interview: April 10, 2017 In this episode, Read More

EU Views: Wolfgang Streeck

June 12th, 2017 in Podcasts.

Name: Wolfgang Streeck Nationality: German Occupation(s): Economic sociologist and emeritus director of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne. Connection to Europe: Born outside of Münster, Streeck is the son of refugees – ethnic Germans from eastern Europe displaced by the end of the Second World War – who lives at the center of Western Europe. He has written extensively on the political economy of Germany, and, more recently, has become involved in debates surrounding austerity and the... Read More

EU Views: Alisa Sopova

June 5th, 2017 in Podcasts.

Name: Alisa Sopova Nationality: Ukrainian Occupation(s): Journalist from Donetsk, Harvard’s first Ukrainian Nieman Fellow. Connection to Europe: In her reporting, Sopova covers the ongoing events in Ukraine since the popular uprising in late 2013 and the subsequent annexation of Crimea by Russian and the announcement of independence by two separatist-controlled territories. In order to educated the detached residents of Kyiv about the situation in Eastern Ukraine, Sopova worked in Donbas to provide objective reporting which covered the war from both sides despite... Read More