EU Views: Ines Garcia de la Puente

Name: Ines Garcia de la Puente
Nationality: Spanish
Occupation(s): Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian & Comparative Literature
Connection to Europe: Prof. Garcia de la Puente specializes in East Slavic Middle Ages and Translation studies . She teaches survey courses on Russian culture of all periods, on Russian literature, on Nabokov, on transculturality, and on the immigrant experience with a focus on women. Garcia de la Puente has lived, taught and researched for extended periods of time in Russia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and France.
Date of interview: ____

Garcia de la Puente Transcript

In this episode, Ines Garcia de la Puente talks about the massive societal changes the EU has undergone in the past 25 years. She emphasizes the importance of literature in influencing the development of children, describing how reading teaches people to be open minded to different experiences and cultures. Garcia de la Puente discusses the role of artists in connecting Europeans across geographical and historic boundaries, arguing that multilingualism should be at the core of children’s education in order to promote transcultural awareness and communication between countries. She ends by highlighting the need for adequate investment into education systems and praises teachers for stimulating interest in academic and artistic pursuits among European youths.

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