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ERC/CCD Workshop Descriptions


Academic Skills Workshops

Overview of CCD and ERC Programs and Services

Get a full overview of the services we provide for academic success and career development, including: academic planning; self-assessment; tutoring; time management; study skills; career tools; ESL development; strategies to pursue graduate study, internships, jobs, and more.

Avoiding Plagiarism

How do you use sources? When do you cite? How can you best avoid plagiarism? Based on Boston University’s policies on academic honesty, this workshop will answer questions about using sources without plagiarism and with proper citation.

Multiple Choice Test Prep

Why are multiple choice tests so hard? Why does it always seem like the professor is trying to trick you? How can you best prepare for a multiple choice exam? This workshop will help assure you that your professor is not, in fact, trying to trick you and will offer both practical ways to study before the test and strategies to use during test time.

Learning Styles

Academic success depends on more than book smarts. If you’d like your students to learn more about how integrating multiple learning styles and incorporating a variety of study techniques can enhance their comprehension and retention, request this workshop for your class. This activity-based workshop relies on the VARK learning styles assessment and active student participation. Learning Styles is also available as part of the ERC’s Don’t Cancel Your Class initiative for faculty who want to offer students alternative content in lieu of a canceled session.

Time Management

Does it seem like there is never enough time in the day? Are you scrambling to complete assignments and papers at the very last minute? Or maybe your iCal is filled with classes, appointments, and extracurricular activities for the next four months and you’re a pro at labeling and color coding your schedule. However, sometimes you feel overwhelmed with competing priorities. In this workshop you will learn how to apply different time management principles and prioritization tools to help you confidently handle hectic scheduling situations.

Creating & Delivering Class Presentations

Does the thought of giving a presentation make you sweat? Well, sweat no longer! Learn how to create and deliver engaging presentations from the ERC’s Student Ambassadors in this fun and interactive workshop. You will learn presentation tips and the “Do’s” and “Dont’s” of presentation creation and delivery.


Career Development Workshops

Handshake: Campus Recruiting, Internships, Jobs, and More

Did you know that many employers come to campus to meet with and interview BU students for internships and full-time jobs? Hundreds of employers also post opportunities on Handshake. Learn how Handshake works and what you can do now to get noticed by employers. We’ll help you create a personal strategy for using Handshake in your internship or job search.

Career Directions: Starting Your Journey

This interactive workshop is focused on helping new students learn what they can do now to maximize their BU experience, in preparation for a successful and satisfying future. Discussion will include thCareer Development Cycle and creating a plan of action for achieving their goals.

Self Discovery: Know Yourself to Find Your Fit

The best way to find your path is to know yourself, including your skills, interests, and values.

Choosing a Major: The Right Fit for You

Steps and resources for selecting a major and the relationship between majors and careers.

Cover Letters 101

Learn the basics of writing a cover letter for an internship or job. You will have the opportunity to begin drafting a cover letter during the workshop. Please bring your laptop.

LinkedIn: Creating Your Profile

You’ve established your LinkedIn account, now what?  Learn how to create an effective profile and the basics of using LinkedIn. Please bring your laptop and establish a LinkedIn account prior to attending.

Using LinkedIn to Your Advantage

Looking to maximize your presence on LinkedIn and take the next step beyond creating your profile? Learn how to use the social network to explore internships and jobs, network with others, and so much more. Learn the ins and outs of using LinkedIn for your future career path. Please bring your laptop. This workshop is for attendees who have already created their LinkedIn profile.

Graduate School 101

This workshop will guide you through identifying, evaluating, and applying to graduate programs.

How to Work a Career Fair

Learn how to prepare for a career fair, how to approach an employer, and how to follow up.

Internships 101

Learn how to find internships, which ones to apply for and what to consider when deciding, and how to maximize each internship experience.

Interviewing 101

Learn about different types of interviews, how to prepare, review typical questions, and how to follow up with employers. You’ll have the opportunity to create your response to “Tell me about yourself” during the workshop.

Job Search 101

Learn how to get started with searching for a full-time job.

Networking: Making the Most of Your Connections

Unclear about networking? Discover how easy, enjoyable, and informative it can be. Develop an initial list of contacts and learn how to reach out to make the most of your connections!

Resumes 101

Learn the basics of creating a resume. During the workshop you will have the opportunity to work on your “Related Experience” section of your resume. Please bring your laptop, notepads, etc.

Your Graduate School Personal Statement

Not sure about what to include in your personal statement for graduate school?  During the workshop you’ll learn the ins and outs of writing an effective personal statement. Please bring your laptop, notepads, etc.


Career Development Cycle