Emergency Communications

Emergency Updates For Emergency Response Teams Emergency Response Flip-Chart
Managing Emergencies Online Training For the Boston University Community University Contact Numbers

Emergency Updates:

Boston University is operating under normal conditions. There are no known emergencies at this time.

Managing Emergencies Online Training:

Everyone in the Boston University (BU) Community should be familiar with basic emergency response, initial actions to take, and who to notify. The Managing Emergencies Online Training is a highly interactive training broken down into two courses:

  • Managing Emergencies (BU Community)
  • Managing Emergencies for Command Staff and Crisis Action Teams

For Emergency Response Teams:

  • In the event of an incident, the Emergency Information lines at 617-638-6886 and 617-358-7233 will be updated. If you are looking for more guidance please contact Emergency Response Planning at response@bu.edu.

For the Boston University Community:

During an emergency, periodic updates will be provided to the University community primarily through the University’s homepage, the Emergency Response Planning web page, BU Today’s web page, and Boston University’s Emergency Alert System on cable television. The University’s Emergency Information Lines will also have updated information for students, patients, faculty, staff, parents, and the community. The following phone numbers should be used:

  • BU Charles River Campus Emergency Line: 617-358-SAFE (7233)
  • BU’s Emergency Closing Line: 617-353-SNOW (7669)
  • BU Medical Campus Emergency Line: 617-638-6886

Pertinent information may also be broadcast on WBUR 90.9 FM, WBZ 1030 AM, WRKO 680 AM, and WBMX 98.5 FM.

Please consult the Emergency Response Flip-Chart for full procedures and contacts.

University Contact Numbers:

Emergency Type Charles River Campus Medical Campus
Boston/Brookline: Police, Fire, and Medical (EMERGENCY) 9-1-1
Serious Injuries/Medical Assistance (CRC/BUMC) 617-353-2121 617-414-4444
Fire/Code Red 9-1-1 and then 617-353-2121 9-1-1 and then 617-414-6666
Chemical/Biological Spill Clean-Up 617-353-7233 617-414-6666
Chemical/Biological Spill Exposure 617-353-2121 617-414-6666
Chemical/Biological Splash 317-353-7233 617-638-8400
Radiation Spill 617-353-7233 617-414-6666
Radiation Exposure 617-353-7233 617-414-6666
University Status of Operations 617-353-7669 617-638-6886
Workplace Violence/Code Green 617-353-2121 617-414-4444
Suspicious Mail 617-353-2121 617-414-4444
Bomb Threat 617-353-2121 617-414-4444
Child Abduction/Code Pink 617-353-2121 617-414-4444
Utility Failure (CRC/BUMC) 617-353-2105 617-414-6666
Emergency Information Hotline 617-358-7233 617-638-6886
Chemical/Biological Waste 617-353-4094 617-638-8830
Radioactive Waste 617-638-7052
BU Information Line 617-353-2000


Departments Charles River Campus Medical Campus
BU Police/Public Safety (EMERGENCY) 617-353-2121 617-414-4444
BU Police/Public Safety (non-emergency) 617-353-2110 617-414-4444
Control Center 617-353-2105 617-638-4144
Facilities Management and Planning Control Desk 617-353-2105 617-638-4211
Environmental Health and Safety (EMERGENCY)* 617-353-7233 617-414-6666
Environmental Health and Safety (non-emergency) 617-353-4094 617-638-8830
Emergency Response Planning (non-emergency) 617-358-1577 617-414-2188
Student Health Services (24 hours) 617-353-3575
Occupational Health Services 617-353-6630 617-638-8400
Research Occupational Health 617-414-7647
Command Center 617-353-1234 617-638-6860
Risk Management 617-353-3020
Human Resources 617-353-2380 617-638-4610
Residence Life 617-353-4380
Marketing and Communication Strategy 617-353-1168
Office of Communications 617-353-2240 617-638-8491
Information Services & Technology (CRC/BUMC) 617-353-4357 617-638-5914
Telecommunications (CRC/BUMC) 617-353-2097 617-414-4500

*Environmental Health and Safety has emergency response capabilities to respond to emergencies on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An on-call safety representative is available for emergency response, guidance, and incident command support. All EHS emergency response personnel are trained in accordance with the OSHA HAZWOPER standard.