Department Working Papers

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Raymond Fisman, Florian Schulz, and Vikrant Vig, January 2017
Elchanan Ben-Porath, Eddie Dekel, and Barton Lipman, January 2017
Elchanan Ben-Porath, Eddie Dekel, and Barton Lipman, January 2017
Jiawen Xu and Pierre Perron, January 2017
07 “Reexamining an asiento between Philip II of Spain and Tomás Fiesco”
Carlos Alvarez-Nogal and Christophe Chamley, February 2017
08 “Agricultural Diversity, Structural Change and Long-run Development: Evidence from the U.S.”
Martin Fiszbein, February 2017
09 “Ambiguous Correlation”
Larry G. Epstein and Yoram Halevy, February 2017
10 “Policy Reform”
Avidit Acharya and Juan Ortner, February 2017
11 “Identifying Productivity Spillovers Using the Structure of Production Networks”
Samuel Bazzi, Amalavoyal Chari, Shanthi Natara, and Alexander D. Rothenberg, February 2017
12 “College Admission and High School Integration”
Fernanda Estevan, Thomas Gall, Patrick Legros, and Andrew F. Newman, March 2017
13 “Enhancing the diffusion of information about agricultural technology”
Kyle Emerick, Alain de Janvry, Elisabeth Sadoulet, and Manzoor H. Dar, March 2017
14 “The cost of favoritism in network-based markets”
Kyle Emerick, March 2017
15 “Social Ties and Favoritism in Chinese Science”
Raymond Fisman, Jing Shi, Yongxiang Wang, and Rong Xu, March 2017
16 “Bypassing Intermediaries via Vertical Integration: A Transaction-Cost-Based Theory”
Dilip Mookherjee, Alberto Motta, and Masatoshi Tsumagari, March 2017
17 “Extracting and analyzing the warming trend in global and hemispheric temperatures”
Francisco Estrada and Pierre Perron, March 2017
18 “Characterizing and attributing the warming trend in sea and land surface temperatures”
Francisco Estrada, Luis Filipe Martins, and Pierre Perron, March 2017
19 “Unity in Diversity? Ethnicity, Migration, and Nation Building in Indonesia”
Samuel Bazzi, Arya Gaduh, Alexander Rothenberg, and Maisy Wong, April 2017
20 “The Effects of Education on Financial Outcomes: Evidence from Kenya”
Kehinde F. Ajayi and Phillip H. Ross, April 2017
21 “Finding the Poor vs. Measuring their Poverty: Exploring the Drivers of Targeting Effectiveness in Indonesia”
Adam Bah, Samuel Bazzi, Sudarno Sumarto, and Julia Tobias, April 2017
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