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Coffee & Conversation: We Are Ferguson

Originally posted Sept. 4, 2014 – After a hiatus, Coffee and Conversation returns this Friday (check out the ground rules).  Lots happening this summer, but shall we begin with a conversation about recent events in Ferguson, Missouri – or, actually, throughout the States? I thought I was mad about it all, but I just realized […]

Coffee & Conversation: What are You Afraid Of?

  Nuclear meltdown; solar flares; spiders; data science taking over the world; no separation of the virtual world in public spaces; roller coasters; privacy slain; sudden loud sounds; the formula for love posted on the Web; darkness; style no longer matters; slasher flicks; viral stuff; my online feed; screams; no substance in my politics; clowns. […]

Friday Morning – October 12 – Coffee Crawl

It’s on! We’re coffee-hoppin’ this Friday 8 to 10 a.m.  We’re starting at Rize Cafe and dashing to Espresso Royale. Then up to Blue State Coffee, and finishing our last cup at Allston’s Refuge Cafe. Dress is caffeine cool. And because we want to minimize folks rushing down Comm Ave amped on java, we’ve got […]

Summer Good Reads and Sweet Listening

Anybody up for a summer reading and listening meetups? My tailend-of-spring-waiting-for-summer-bouncing-music starts with The Cardigans Lovefool; then hits Just A Girl by No Doubt; mixes in another version of Gwen Stefani with The Sweet Escape; (and, of course, a little Call Me Maybe – the version by Carly Rae Jepsen); continues on with Limp Bizkit’s […]

Here for Twenty More Days. 20 Days!

  Twenty days! After finals, you’ll get together and get reacquainted – during Senior Week – and, on May 20 – just twenty short days away – we recognize your achievement with big style.  The pause to celebrate your journey starts this week – Thursday, May 3 – with Senior Breakfast. Be a part of […]