Accommodations & Documentation

Disability & Access Services (DAS) works to ensure equal access to all university programs and services. We do this by providing reasonable accommodations and modifications of our policies and procedures. To receive accommodations at Boston University a student needs to demonstrate a significant need. We set up accommodations on a case-by-case basis, individualized to each student and theirĀ current needs.

DAS also provides accommodations by:

  • Provision of auxiliary aids and services
  • Access to accessible and fully integrated University Housing
  • Special dietary accommodations through Dining Services
  • Career development, personal counseling, study skills, and tutoring information, and academic support available through other campus resources.
  • Access to staff at DAS for consultation on developing self-advocacy skills, organizing and managing accommodations, and developing a support system.


To request accommodations, you must provide current documentation of your disability.

Please download one or more of the forms below and have your provider fill them out. They can be faxed or mailed back to the office. We cannot approve accommodations without current documentation that demonstrates a significant need.

Disability Verification Forms
  1. Learning Disability Verification PDF Form
  2. ADHD Disability Verification PDF Form
  3. Psychiatric Disability Verification PDF Form (including anxiety)
  4. Medical Disability Verification PDF Form
  5. Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Disability Verification PDF Form
  6. Visual Impairment Disability Verification PDF Form
  7. Temporary Disability Verification PDF Form
  8. Food-related medical conditions Disability Verification PDF Form