First-Year Student Outreach Project (FYSOP)

Information for FYSOP 27 will be available soon! Check back in the early spring for more.


Mission Statement: The First-Year Student Outreach Project welcomes first-year and transfer students to Boston University and the Greater Boston area before the fall semester begins. FYSOP engages first-year volunteers and upperclassmen staff leaders through social justice education, service, and reflection. Our service works to address community-identified needs through eleven intersecting focus areas.

Program Dates: FYSOP 26 will run from Monday, August 24 through Friday, August 28, 2015. To see a sample FYSOP schedule and timeline, click here! Please note that this is a sample schedule, and the FYSOP 26 schedule is subject to change.

Focus Areas: To learn more about our focus areas, click here. For additional general information, check out our FYSOP and focus area blogs here. These blogs will be updated periodically throughout the summer.

FYSOP Images: Want to check out our FYSOP images? Click here to access them!


Registration for FYSOP 26 has now closed. Registered volunteers can check out our FAQs page and our FYSOP 26 Need-to-Know Guide for move-in logistics and more information! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our program managers, Kirsten and Swanson, at

Staff Leaders

Thank you so much to everyone who applied for staff leader for FYSOP 26. For those interested in applying for the staff leader for FYSOP 27, please check back in the spring of 2016!

For those people who have applied for a staff leader position with FYSOP 26, please click here for more information on program and training dates.

Coordinators and Program Assistants

Thank you so much to everyone who applied for FYSOP coordinator and CSC program assistant for the summer 2015. For those interested in summer leadership 2016 opportunities, please check back in the fall of 2015.

FYSOP 26 Program Managers

Meet Kirsten Kuhn and Swanson Ninan, the two program managers for FYSOP 26. If you have any questions or concerns, please email them at!


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Volunteers are assigned to a focus area and a smaller FYSOP group, consisting of 10-15 first year students and led by 2-3 upperclassmen staff leaders. Focus areas are run by 2 coordinators. Participants make lasting friendships with their FYSOP group, learn about social issues in the greater Boston area, volunteer with non-profit organizations pertaining to their particular issue area and become acclimated to their new school. To read about FYSOP’s focus areas, click here.


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