First-Year Student Outreach Project (FYSOP)

The goal of FYSOP is to orient freshman and transfer students to Boston University, the Boston area, and surrounding community, while educating about and encouraging volunteers to engage in community service. In order to incorporate education in regards to various issues, FYSOP volunteers participate in orientation, training, and three days of direct service associated with one of eleven issue areas.

We’re looking for the next FYSOP Coordinators and Program Assistants!

The Community Service Center (CSC) has begun the search for 22 FYSOP Coordinators as well as 2 Program Assistants for First-Year Student Outreach Project (FYSOP) 26 taking place in August 2015. The FYSOP Coordinators (FYCOs) are responsible for the planning and implementation of FYSOP, a program for first-year students who come to campus a week prior to the start of school to complete community service in the greater Boston area. FYCOs serve as liaisons between the CSC and incoming students and their parents as well as between the CSC and community partner organizations. This includes answering questions, processing applications, and coordinating logistics. Program Assistants (PAs) serve as liaison between the CSC and incoming students and their parents, as well as between the CSC and community organizations. This includes fielding questions, promoting CSC programs, and coordinating fall events and activities.

Find information about qualifications, commitment and responsibilities, and compensation in the application, due at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, January 27, 2015.

Community Service Center FYSOP Coordinator Information

Community Service Center Program Assistant Information

2015 Summer Leadership Application

All about FYSOP 25 (2014)


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Frequently asked questions


Volunteers are assigned to an issue area and a smaller FYSOP group, consisting of 10-15 first year students and led by 2-3 upperclassmen staff leaders. Issue areas are run by 2 coordinators. Participants make lasting friendships with their FYSOP group, learn about social issues in the greater Boston area, volunteer with non-profit organizations pertaining to their particular issue area and become acclimated to their new school. The issue areas are:


Frequently Asked Questions

When are the dates for FYSOP 25?
FYSOP 25 will be occurring from Monday, August 25 to Friday, August 29, 2014.

Is there a cost for FYSOP?
Yes. The comprehensive pricing for FYSOP 25 is $450. This price includes all meals, transportation, and housing cost for the five-day program.

How do I sign up?
Check back here on May 1st to start registration. Although there are no requirements to register for FYSOP, those who register early will have a higher chance of being accepted than those who register late.

What will we be doing for the week?
During the week of FYSOP, volunteers and incoming first-year students will be fully engaged in various community service projects around the city of Boston starting as early as 8 a.m. until late afternoon, Monday through Friday. Each team will consist of 2-3 upperclassmen leading a group of 8-10 first-years. Service sites range in the 11 issue areas all across the Greater Boston area. Sites will vary from year to year, depending on the needs of our local community. In the evening, there are also entertainment and arts programming planned to help first-year students transition into their new environment.

Who can register for FYSOP?
Any incoming freshmen who will matriculate at Boston University in September 2014. Any students who attend any orientation session, except session 8, will be able to attend.

When can I move in?
Starting in early July, students will receive an e-mail from BU Housing asking that they register for a fall move-in date. Please register your move-in date as Wednesday, August 27, 2014. (The database is not currently configured to allow students to register a move-in date of August 25.) FYSOP will notify BU Housing and Residence Life of your participation in FYSOP so that you may move in on Monday, August 25, 2014. Please note that only FYSOP participants are approved to move-in on Monday, August 25, 2014.

All participants for FYSOP will be able to move-in starting around noon on Monday, August 25. Most residence halls on-campus are guaranteed to be open by 4 pm, but most will be open by noon. Please plan ahead and note that these will be subject to changes. Check here and via Twitter for the latest updates.

Will my child be safe during the week of FYSOP?
We care deeply about the safety of all of our participants, as well as our upperclassmen staff leaders. We hold high standards and complete extensive training for our staff leaders prior to the arrival of incoming freshmen. At service locations, volunteers will be with their staff leaders at all times, under their supervision. The volunteers will also be housed at their respective academic-year housing, with security provided by the various residence halls and buildings.

I wasn’t involved in community service in high school, can I still apply?
Absolutely! No prior experience is required. We encourage everyone interested in meeting new class mates, creating your own community, and participating in community service to apply. There is no requirement.

We’ve got even more answers to your questions! Read our FAQ page to get more information.

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