Summer at the CSC!

FYCOs helping out at orientation!

FYCOs helping out at orientation!

It’s summertime, but the CSC is busy as ever! The FYCOs just finished two weeks of summer training with Orientation staff. In training, the FYCOs learned about BU and what it means to be a student-leader on campus. The FYCOs lived in Warren Towers and spent lots of time together building a close community right from the start. During training, the FYCOs brainstormed and developed a theme for this year’s FYSOP! One day, the FYCOs got out of the office and spent the afternoon at Cradles to Crayons. This was a great way for the FYCOs to bond and to spend time doing what they love: service!

On June 1st the FYCOs and the rest of the CSC staff moved into their apartments in South Campus. After taking the weekend to move in, they began the week by calling sites and working in their project committees. They’ve decorated the office with their colorful bulletin boards for their issue area. Many of the FYCOs have secured sites for FYSOP! We are receiving FYSOP applications faster than ever! We are focusing our efforts on getting the word out about FYSOP by spending time with freshman during Orientation Sessions. It’s been a blast meeting all the incoming freshmen of the Class of 2016!

Our goal in the CSC this summer is to update everything and to try things we’ve never done before. There is so much enthusiasm and passion in the service this summer that we think the CSC will be able to accomplish more than ever before! We’ll keep you updated on our progress!

Since the CSC is a student-run organization, we rely on our volunteers to make the Center what it is today! So, we would like to highlight our volunteers this summer!! Send us any pictures or personal stories about your experience in the CSC! You and your story may be featured in the next blog post!

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Happy Volunteering!