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Comprehensive list of City Planning and Urban Affairs courses

The master’s programs in City Planning and Urban Affairs consist of required core courses and a wide range of electives themed around “Sustainable Planning and Immersive Learning,which provide incoming and experienced students the rigorous foundation necessary for excelling in the field while preparing them for several career options.

Spring 2019 Course Offerings

Fall 2018 Course Offerings

Core course topics range from an indepth understanding of the history and theory of the field to policy formulation, and from urban economics to quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Elective courses help students gain valuable insight into a wide variety of issues and concerns related to planning for urban and regional development. By engaging in real-world case studies and close analysis of present-day and historical urban issues and data, students develop the skills and knowledge to confront the social, economic, and geographic challenges facing urban policymakers and planners today. Elective courses cover a wide range of topics, including environmental sustainability, urban development, transportation, climate change, architectural history, policy, law, analytics, urban design, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Students may take elective courses offered in other programs across Boston University, or through the BU consortium, upon consultation with their academic advisor. Additional courses may also be offered through the City Planning and Urban Affairs programs from time to time.

For a comprehensive list of all courses and course descriptions, please visit the Metropolitan College website. Courses offered in the current academic year will list a time, date, and faculty.

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