Neuropsychological Assessments

A neuropsychological assessment evaluates multiple areas of functioning, including intellectual, academic, attention, and memory. Often individuals seek Neuropsychological Assessment to understand cognitive strengths and weaknesses, clarify appropriate intervention strategies for cognitive or attentional problems, or to obtain a diagnosis to receive academic accommodations. Neuropsychological Assessments are typically conducted over 2-3 sessions, for a total of 6-8 hours. An in-person feedback session is held to discuss results, and written reports of results are available. A wide range of assessment services are available through the Psychological Services Center (PSC), most commonly for learning disabilities and ADHD. You may find these services beneficial if you:

  • Have trouble finishing tests on time
  • Find it difficult to organize thoughts on essays or papers
  • Receive grades lower than expected or lower than required by program or scholarship
  • Have trouble managing time to complete larger projects or papers
  • Have trouble attending to lectures
  • Take much longer than expected to complete assignments
  • Need assessment services for formal academic accommodations in courses or on standardized tests



Neuropsychological Assessments overseen by Co-Directors of that program:

Dr. Rosemary Toomey and Dr. Mark Richardson