Online Help

Support information and documentation for common BUworks/SAP transactions are available and include:

  • Video Clips – Provide brief navigational and conceptual background information.
  • Process Guides – Simple process flows show the sequence of transactions and give context to the detailed work instructions.
  • Work Instructions – Step-by-step instructions which include detailed descriptions, examples, short cuts, best practices, and screen shots for processing transactions in BUworks.
  • Quick Reference Guides – Concise 1-2 page documents providing summary instructions for performing a particular task.
  • Glossary – Definitions of the most commonly used terms in BUworks/SAP.

1. Access BUworks Online Help

Click to Access BUworks Online Help

2. Select and View – Video Clips, Process Guides, Work Instructions, or Glossary Items


3. Search the Document Library for Detailed Work Instructions

There are two ways to navigate Works Instructions and Quick Reference information:

  1. Search by Keyword or Transaction Code
  2. Browse Folders


4. View or Print Work Instructions

Note: While support documents can be printed or saved locally, it is recommended that users refer to help documentation online.  This ensures that the information being referenced is current.