Department Security Administrator (DSA)
DSAs are appointed by their department Managers and have responsibility for initiating, tracking and maintaining SAP security access requests and updates.
E-procurement or Electronic Procurement
The business-to-business or business-to-consumer purchase and sale of supplies and services through the Internet. E-procurement can be used to describe every stage of the purchase and sale process, beginning with the use of an online catalog to purchase an item through the online payment of an electronic invoice.
Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP)
The electronic delivery and presentation of financial statements, bills, invoices, and related information sent by a company to its customers. EIPP can also provide the ability to electronically settle payment for goods or services. Also known as e-billing.
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
A single, integrated business solution that works across an entire organization. The primary elements of the solution are multiple software applications, or modules, that provide specialized functionality within a single, integrated operating environment that makes use of data in a database that is shared among the modules. At Boston University, the business areas of finance, human resources, and purchasing are the focus of our ERP effort.
Functional Requirements
Comprehensive descriptions of what a specified software package will do, how it is expected to perform, and its intended purpose as it relates to the specified business needs (Finance, HR, and Purchasing) of the University.