Templates and Listings

Internal Service Provider Upload Template

Fund Center and GL Account Listings

The Comptroller’s Office maintains a number of useful documents on their Resources page. Among the documents available are these:

  • Complete Funds Center listing
  • GL Income and Expense Account Listing (Alpha Sort)
  • GL Income and Expense Account Listing (Numeric Sort)

    Journal Entry Upload and Cost Transfer Templates

    SAP Journal Entry (JE) Upload functionality for all non-grant journal entries is available to all Department Approvers.  Approvers will be able to complete journal entries using a spreadsheet format, and will be able to post to all cost centers and internal orders in any fund center they have access to; the transaction will post directly.

    Additional Documents

    Additional documents are available on the General Accounting Office Resource page, including:

    • Published JE upload Instructions
    • Journal Entry Template
    • Grant Cost Transfer JE Instructions
    • Grant Cost Transfer JE Template