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Mesopotamia Fellowship: Previous Recipients


Tiffany Earley-Spadoni (assistant professor, University of Central Florida): “New Foundations: a Comparative Study of the Creation of Neo-Assyrian and Urartian Landscapes"

Stephanie Rost (post-doctoral fellow, The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago): "Ancient State Economies: The Case Study of the Umma Province of the Ur III State (2112-2004 B.C."


Agnete Wisti Lassen (post-doctoral, Yale University):“Glyptic Encounters: A Stylistic and Social Study of the Seal Impressions from the Šalim‐Aššur Archive”


Antonietta Catanzariti (PhD Student, University of California, Berkeley): “Landscape and Settlement Survey of the Qara Dagh Valley (Iraqi-Kurdistan)”


Abdulameer Al-Dafar (PhD Student, SUNY Stony Brook): "Integration between town, village and marsh: Settlement system and Socio-economic relationships between small and large sites in the Eridu Basin during the early second millennium BCE"

Dr. James Osborne (post-doctoral, Johns Hopkins University): "The Iron Age Diaspora: Forced Resettlement in the Near East, 900-600 B.C.E."


C. Jay Crisostomo (University of California, Berkeley): "Bilingual Education at Nippur: The Exemplars at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum"


Gökçe Bike Yazicioglu (PhD Student, University of Chicago): "Tracing the Merchants' Trail between Assur and Kanes"


Melissa Rosenzweig (PhD Student, University of Chicago): "The Politics of Late Assyria's Agricultural Practices: An Archaeobotanical Case Study from Ziyaret Tepe"


Nicole Brisch (PhD, University of Michigan): "The King as God: Divine Kingship in Early Mesopotamia: Isin-Larsa Period Sacrifice Lists"


Aubrey Baadsgaard (PhD student, University of Pennsylvania): "The Social Social Dynamics of Dress in Early Dynastic Mesopotamia "


Jacob Lauinger (PhD student, University of Chicago): "Unpublished Old Babylonian/Middle Bronze Age Tablets from Alalakh (Level VII), their Archival Context, and their Chronological Implications"


Sevil Baltali (PhD student, University of Virginia): "Domestic Architecture, Use of Space and Social Organization in Uruk period Northern Mesopotamia"


Bekir Gürdil (PhD student, UCLA): "Degirmentepe Social Organization and the Ubaid Period of Greater Mesopotamia"


Sarah Graff (PhD student, University of Chicago): "Production and Distribution in Spatial and Historical Context: the Case of Northwestern Syria"


Jennifer Pournelle (PhD student, University of California - San Diego): "The Littoral Foundations of the Sumerian State: Southern Mesopotamian Alluvial Landscapes"


Jason Ur (PhD student, University of Chicago): "Upper Khabur Basin Archaeological Survey"

Britt Hartenberger (PhD student, Boston University), supplemental fellowship (declined)
"Analysis of the Organization of Household and Specialized Craft Production at Titris Höyük in the Context of Regional Chipped Stone Industries"


Seth Richardson (PhD student, Columbia University): "The Collapse of a Complex State: The End of the Old Babylonian Period at Sippar, 1641 - 1621 B.C.E."


Christopher Edens (post-doctoral, University of Pennsylvania Museum): "Technological Style and Chipped Stone: Sickle Blades and the Uruk expansion in southeast Turkey"

Tonia Sharlach (PhD student, Harvard University), supplemental fellowship: "Bala: Economic Exchange between Center and Provinces in the Ur III State"


Cheryl Coursey (PhD student, SUNY Binghamton): "Pretty Pots for Hot Shots? Intrasite Variability in Ceramic Production and Consumption during the Halaf Period (c. 6000-5200 B.C.)"


Michael Danti (PhD student, University of Pennsylvania): "An Archaeological Survey of the Tell es-Sweyhat Region, Syria"


Kathryn Slanski (PhD student, Harvard University): "The Form and Function of the Babylonian kudurrus"


Bradley Parker (PhD student, UCLA): "Economics and Empire: The Role of Commercial Interaction in Imperial Expansion on the Northern Frontier of Assyria"


Eleonora Cussini (PhD, Johns Hopkins University): "A Paleographic Study of the Imperial Aramaic Argillary Script"


Stephen Lumsden (PhD, Bilkent University, Turkey): "Applications of Remote Sensing for the Study of Nineveh"


Melody Pope (PhD student, SUNY Binghamton): "The Economy and Organization of Chipped Stone Tool Production and use during the Uruk and Jemdet Nasr Periods in Alluvial Mesopotamia"


Asli Ozyar (PhD student, Bryn Mawr College): "The Program and Context of Southeast Anatolian Relief Orthostats"


John Russell (PhD, Columbia University): "Sennacherib's Palace: An Archaeological Test of Cuneiform Sources"

1988/1989 (no fellow)

Dianna Bolt (Univ. of California, Berkeley): "Archaeological and Osteological Analysis of Tell Mohammed 'Arab burials: A Study in Social, Occupational and Health Status"


Zainab Bahrani (PhD student, New York University): "The Pottery of al Hiba, Area C"


Edward M. Luby (PhD student, SUNY Stony Brook): "Social Class and Burial Data in Early Dynastic Mesopotamia"


Diana Stein (Harvard Semitic Museum / Oriental Inst., London): "An Archaeological and Sociological Study of the Cylinder Seal Impressions from Nuzi in Iraq"


Susan Pollock (University of Michigan): "Artifacts and Social Categories in the Royal Cemetery of Ur"


Glenn Schwartz (PhD, Yale University): "The Tell Leilan Sequence Applied: A Relative Chronology for Northern Mesopotamia and Syria-Palestine"

1981/1982 (no fellow)
1980/1981 Daniel Potts
1979/1980 Richard L. Zettler
1978/1979 Yoko Tomabechi
1976/1977 (no fellow)
1975/1976 (no fellow)
1974/1975 Elizabeth Jewell
1973/1974 Coreitha Qualls
1972/1974 Norman Yoffee
1971/1972 Elizabeth Carter
1970/1971 Stephen Lieberman