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frank lixzt collection


A signed photograph of Franz Liszt in old age, taken by J. Ganz, in Brussels.

The Liszt Collection, which was purchased from the collector Kálmán Antos, contains over three hundred printed works by and about Franz Liszt (1811–1886), the Hungarian composer and pianist who created the symphonic poem and reformed modern piano technique. Most of the books are in English, French or German, with a few in Hungarian. In addition, there are over two hundred periodical articles and clippings about Liszt. Most important are the first editions of Liszt’s own compositions and his transcriptions of works by Schubert, Beethoven, Wagner, Rossini and Bellini, among others, dating from 1824 to 1885. These number about sixty-five and are supplemented by later editions of his scores, his biography of Chopin in various editions, as well as volumes of his letters. Secondary sources include biographical and musical works about him, novels and plays in which he appears as a character, and works by and about his contemporaries. Manuscript materials include fragments of several Liszt scores and three letters from him. Photographs, posters and programs for Liszt concerts, caricatures, and various commemorative items contribute to making this collection a rich source of study on the composer and his musical influence.

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