Computer Lab


Our computer lab consists of 3 Macs that have scanners for both slide and printed material scanning.  Users are free to scan slides from the VRC Collection and there is no need for an appointment.

Current students of Boston University are welcome to use the lab during our regular business hours, however preference will be given to those who require scanning or other work pertaining to current courses within the History of Art & Architecture department.

Our Lab is open during our regular hours of Monday – Friday 9am to 4:30pm.
We are closed during regular school holidays.


Please bring a blank CD or a USB drive with you to save your files. Files on the desktop are deleted regularly. If you are unable to do so, please notify someone so that an alternative can be arranged.

Software List

Adobe Acrobat Pro
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Office Suite


There is no printer available in the Visual Resource Center. If you need to print there are two computer labs on our floor.

The computer labs in rooms CAS 327 and CAS 330 are both administered by The Computing Services Group.

Linking your Account

In order to log onto the PC machines in the lab, students will first need to link their accounts to Active Directory using the following link:

*NOTE: You most likely have already done this; If you have ever logged into any BU PC lab computer.

Software Installation Policy

The lab computers are configured to provide a specific suite of application software that meets the needs of most students. The lab is not equipped to support all commercially available software.

  1. We will not install software without proper licensing.
  2. We will not install software which requires the users to have administrative privileges without prior consent of Susan Rice.