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About Us

The Visual Resources Center is a University-wide resource housed and administered by the Department of History of Art & Architecture. The Center’s Cumulus database consists of  70,000 digital images available for academic use. In addition, the Center houses over 500,000 35mm slides of art historical images. Images are those used for teaching in the Department and are largely correlated to the curriculum. In addition, there is a large core collection of architecture, sculpture, painting, Greek and Roman art and architecture, Asian, and African art, as well as contemporary art.

There are a number of art-related videos and DVDs available which are placed on reserve for viewing in the Center. Access to the Visual Resources Center is limited to the Boston University community.


A scanning setup is available to make digital images from slides or books for academic presentations. There are slide scanners and flatbed scanners. Please bring your own CD or USB flash drive.

Students must make arrangements with professors for projectors if there is not a projection booth in the classroom. We do not handle non-departmental requests for projectors; all such requests must be requested by the professor teaching the course through the Boston University Media Group.

Reproduction and Duplication

Due to copyright restrictions, reproduction or duplication of any of the images in the Boston University Visual Resources Center collection is strictly prohibited. The images may be used for classroom and study purposes only. Scholarly publication or use on public access web sites is not permitted.

The Visual Resources Center is responsible for the creation and maintenance of course web sites for the History of Art and Architecture Department. For copyright protection, all such web sites are restricted to current students and members of the Boston University community only.

Hours: Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Closed on the weekends.


Chris Spedaliere, Visual Resource Manager
CAS 306B

Susan Rice, Media Specialist
CAS 306A