Summer Courses 2014


History of Art and Architecture Summer 2014 Courses

Additional course listings and registration information can be found on the Boston University Summer Term website.

Introduction to Art History I: Antiquity to the Middle Ages
CAS AH111 A1 Summer 1,  MW 1:00-4:30pm Lett
CAS AH111 B1 Summer 2,  MW 1:00-5:30pm O’Reilly
An introduction to art history and the analysis of painting, sculpture, architecture, and other arts. Study of masterpieces of Western Art from prehistoric to dawn of Renaissance. Focus on monuments of Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages, with a survey of Egyptian and Near Eastern art. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.
Introduction to Art History II: Renaissance to Today
CAS AH112 A1 Summer 1, TR 6:00-9:30 Parrish
CAS AH112 B1 Summer 2, TR 6:00-9:30 Slipp
Major monuments and artists. Sequential development from the late Renaissance to the modern period of major styles in architecture, sculpture, painting, graphic arts, and photography. Relationship of visual art to social and cultural trends. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.
Architecture: An Introduction
CAS AH 205 Summer 2, MW 9:30-1:00 McKellar
Examination of the factors involved in architectural design including program, spatial composition, structure, technology, iconography, and the role of architecture in society. Discussion of major monuments of Western architecture and urbanism from ancient Egypt to the twenty-first century. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.
Boston’s Museums
CAS AH211 Summer 1, TR 1:00-4:30 Ribner
An introduction to the fundamentals of visual analysis and the history of art, focusing on outstanding works in the collections of Boston and Cambridge museums. Current, temporary exhibitions are included. Also examines the curatorial decision-making process determining the choice of works and the conditions under which they are displayed. (Tuition + additional fee of $100)
Arts of Asia
CAS AH225 Summer 2, TR 9:30-1:00 Sang
Surveys of the major artistic traditions of Asia. Important monuments are examined analytically in order to explain why certain forms and styles are characteristic of specific times and places, and how these monuments functioned in their cultural contexts. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.
History of Photography
CAS AH295 Summer 2, TR 1:00-4:30 Dalton
An introduction to the study of photographs. The history of the medium in Europe and America from its invention in 1839 to the present. After lectures on photographic theory and methodology, photographs are studied both as art objects and as historical artifacts.
CAS AH389 Summer 1, MW 9:30-1:00 Ribner
Detailed study of Impressionism from 1860s to circa 1900. Emphasis is on French artists, but Impressionists elsewhere in Europe and America are also considered. Discusses Impressionism’s sources, Realist underpinnings, stylistic development, themes, and changes in the 1880s.
Contemporary Art: 1980 to Now
CAS AH393 Summer 1, TR  9:30-1:00 Williams
Explores the terms of debate, key figures, and primary sites for the production and reception of contemporary art on a global scale since 1980. Painting, installation art, new media, performance, art criticism, and curatorial practice are discussed.