MA in History of Architecture

Eight courses are required for students specializing in the history of architecture. Of these, a theory and methods course, AH 892—Approaches to Architectural History, and a documentary course, AM 553—Documenting Historic Buildings and Landscapes, are required. Students take six further courses, of which two may be in art history, city planning, or other related fields. Reading knowledge of one modern foreign language is also required. Students must pass the MA examination by writing five one-hour essays. In preparation for the exam and in consultation with their advisors, students choose nine of the following fifteen fields: 1) Ancient 2) Medieval 3) Renaissance 4) Baroque and 18th century 5) 19th century 6) 20th and 21st century 7) American 8) African 9) Asian 10) Islamic 11) Landscape history and theory 12) Preservation history and theory 13) Material culture and decorative arts 14) Architectural theory, methodology and historiography 15) Museum history and theory. On the day of the exam, students write five one-hour essays in at least four of the chosen fields. The fifth essay can be written in a field chosen from the art history examination list.

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