Announcing SEQUITUR, an online scholarly journal produced by the graduate students of the Department of History of Art & Architecture (HAA) at Boston University.

Founded in 2014 under the aegis of the Graduate Student History of Art & Architecture Association (GSHAAA) in collaboration with HAA, SEQUITUR is a biannual publication dedicated to addressing current events, issues, and personalities in art and architectural history.

Appearing in the fall and spring, SEQUITUR features essays, exhibition and book reviews, interviews, and research and field reports. Its purpose is to promote the scholarship and professional experience of HAA graduate students by providing an online platform through which to publish material and to acquaint students with academic editorial processes and peer review.

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SEQUITUR engages with and expands current conversations in the field by promoting the perspectives of graduate students.  It seeks to contribute to existing scholarship and publications in the field by focusing on valuable but oft-overlooked parts of art and architectural historiography such as exhibition and catalogue reviews and reports on research in progress.

SEQUITUR showcases both the impressive work and far-reaching interests of the graduate cohort here at Boston University and of graduate students from around the world. The journal aims to provide an essential resource from which our readers may follow current happenings and new trajectories in the art world and art scholarship according to the next generation of art and architectural historians.