Groupe de Recherches sur l’Afrique Francophone (GRAF)

The Francophone Africa Research Group/Groupe de Recherches sur l’Afrique Francophone (GRAF) is a consortium of scholars whose past, current, or projected research and interests deal either with “francophone” Africa, or with Franco-African relations.

Founded in 1993 by political science professor Edouard Bustin, GRAF is based at the African Studies Center of Boston University, but its membership includes some 250 scholars based in more than twenty countries of Africa, Europe, and North America. GRAF acts as an interdisciplinary forum or clearinghouse to keep members informed of their respective research interests or projects; to explore research needs and funding opportunities for specific individual or cooperative projects; to develop bilateral linkages with African and European scholars and institutions; and to facilitate regular meetings of African, European, and North American scholars.

An interdisciplinary conference organized by GRAF under the title “Brazzaville + 50” was held in Boston in October 1994. Copies of the papers (in English or French) presented at that conference, as well as of those published by GRAF or by the African Studies Center in the form of expanded monographs or of edited collections can be purchased. A list of available titles and an order form will be sent upon request.

The second GRAF-sponsored interdisciplinary conference on the theme “Africa, France and the U.S.” was held in Bordeaux in May 1997. A list of the papers presented at that conference (including directions for ordering them) is also available.

Under an agreement signed in October 1994 between the African Studies Center and the Centre d’Etude d’Afrique Noire (CEAN) attached to the Institut d’Etudes Politiques at the Université de Bordeaux IV, reciprocal access, registration, and facilities are offered to graduate students of the two institutions. Graduate students whose research aims are directed at “francophone” Africa, or who require familiarization with French-language scholarship on Africa, are especially encouraged to take advantage of this linkage agreement with France’s oldest center for the study of sub-Saharan Africa. Under certain conditions, undergraduates engaged in distinction work may also be able to apply for this exchange program.

GRAF issues a bilingual newsletter (Bulletin/GRAF/Newsletter) listing its own and its members’ activities and publications, as well as those of other organizations whose scope of interests is related to its own. Appearing in print form since 1994, it is now superseded by an online version available here. This digital newsletter will be updated monthly. Archived issues going back to 2004 are posted on the site. Copies of print versions running through May 2009 are available on request.

GRAF publishes occasional papers under its own imprint, or under that of the African Studies Center of Boston University.

A list of such monographs, with ordering instructions, is available upon request.

A directory of GRAF members (latest edition: May 2009) is available at the postpaid price of U.S. $3.00

Occasional lectures open to the public have been held since 1996.

These lectures are held at the African Studies Center of Boston University

For further information, call or write to: Edouard Bustin, Director, GRAF (see above) or send email to