CAGS in Operative & Esthetic Dentistry

The 24-month Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) program offers advanced education in the conceptual, biological, and practical components of operative and esthetic dentistry. Specifically intended for students pursuing teaching careers, the program includes training in basic sciences, biomaterials, lecture presentation, research methods, and the clinical aspects of restorative dentistry.The program provides an opportunity to develop the academic and clinical skills required to participate in a dental school faculty.

Initial activities include lectures, seminars, and preclinical training with special emphasis on resin and porcelain systems. The clinical component of the program includes patient care. Particular emphasis is placed on diagnosis and treatment planning, on the significance of periodontal health, esthetic dentistry, and on conventional and implant restorative procedures. Students will also have the opportunity to utilize the latest technology of CAD-CAM units and restorations.

*Operative and Esthetic Dentistry is not an ADA-recognized specialty.


Year 1

  • SDM EN 820 Endodontics and Pulpal Therapy for the General Practitioner
  • SDM OP 803 Seminar: Operative Dentistry
  • SDM OP 807 Preclinical Technique
  • SDM OP 912 Clinical Operative Dentistry I
  • SDM OP 916 Literature Review–Operative Dentistry
  • SDM OS 761 Medical Concerns of the Dental Patient
  • SDM OS 828 Anxiety and Pain Control
  • SDM OS 831 Head and Neck Anatomy
  • SDM PA 801 Oral Pathology
  • SDM PE 764 Current Concepts in Periodontology
  • SDM PE 827 Applied Dental Pharmacology
  • SDM PH 763 Bioethics and Law
  • SDM PH 803 Biostatistics
  • SDM PR 750 Preclinical Restorative
  • SDM PR 761 Occlusion
  • SDM PR 825 Postdoctoral Biomaterials
  • SDM PR 828 Esthetic Dentistry
  • SDM PR 844 Implantology Literature Review
  • SDM PR 845 Implantology Topics
  • SDM PR 852 Implantology Topics for the General Practitioner

Year 2

  • SDM OP 913 Clinical Operative Dentistry II
  • SDM PR 810 Case Presentation and Patient Care Conference
  • SDM PR 813 Literature Review in General Dentistry