PhD in Emerging Media Studies

The PhD in Emerging Media Studies (EMS) is designed to create academic and industry leaders who, by virtue of having completed their doctoral thesis, have already made a scholarly contribution to the field of emerging media studies. The program’s objectives are to give students a comprehensive understanding of the role of emerging media in society and organizations, and hone their research skills so that they can undertake independent and innovative research on emerging media. Students will gain an understanding of the philosophical and intellectual underpinnings of emerging media as well as their practical role in society and organizations. Graduates will be able to critically evaluate issues related to the social role of emerging media.

Candidates for the PhD degree in emerging media studies must complete a minimum of 68 credits of graduate-level coursework beyond the Master’s degree with a grade of B– or higher in each course. Credits are distributed among fundamental courses, required content area courses, courses on pedagogy and instruction, directed readings, and participation in an extended research project. In addition, doctoral students must pass a qualifying examination and complete a doctoral thesis which constitutes an original scholarly contribution to the field.


Required Courses (62 credits)

  • COM EM 808 Pedagogy of Instruction (Students must complete a minimum of 6 credits of COM EM 808.)
  • COM EM 831 Critical Studies, History, and Philosophy of Emerging Media
  • COM EM 847 Time, Place, and Social Data: Advanced Issues in Large-Scale Analysis and Visualization
  • COM EM 855 Computer-Assisted Text Analysis: Network, Sentiment, and Visualization
  • COM EM 861 Special Topics
  • COM EM 877 Policy and Politics in Emerging Media Environments
  • COM EM 888 Doctoral Collaboratory in Emerging Media (Students must complete a minimum of 24 credits of COM EM 888.)
  • COM EM 889 Advanced Issues in Emerging Media Content Production
  • COM EM 902 Directed Studies
  • COM EM 993 Thesis Research

Elective Courses (minimum of 6 credits)

Students may complete additional electives with advisor consultation.

Qualifying Exams

Students are required to take qualifying exams before the completion of the PhD in Emerging Media Studies.