BU Technology Plan Update for FY22-24

Tech Plan

The last BU Technology Plan spanned 2015 – 2020, resulting in many new and improved services for the community. But it’s 2021! The University has a new 2030 vision …

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SIS Renewal Program Approved

Close-up of hands with black bracelets using a laptop.

After years of planning and patience, the Student Information Systems (SIS) Renewal program has been formally approved by the University President and Provost to move …

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IS&T Teams Contribute to COVID Case Study

Covid-19 Testing Data Dashboard bar chart in blue with distorted view.

As recently covered in The Brink, a group of researchers and BU leaders collaborated to produce an article about BU’s response to the pandemic in the Fall 2020 ...

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Ransomware: What You Need to Know

Digital backdrop features blue neon lines and a locked circle, representing internet security.

Cybercriminals are continuously testing organizations and individuals to seek out vulnerabilities and gain access to data. Once they have access to your data, they may …

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Tech Tips

Combat Zoom Fatigue by Hiding Self  View

Zoom is an incredibly useful tool and has quickly become a regular part of our LfA lives, but as a result, “Zoom Fatigue” has also become a very real phenomenon.

Recent research has shown constant viewing of yourself in real-time during video chats can contribute to Zoom Fatigue. A simple fix is to hide your own video display during meetings.

For other helpful tips on online meetings, be sure to visit our Online Meetings page on TechWeb.

IS&T Staff Profiles

Hilary Orenberg

With each publication of Tech Times, we like to give Faculty, Staff, and Students the opportunity to get to know members of the IS&T Staff.

In this issue, we profile Student Information System Renewal Program Manager Hilary Orenberg.

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