This section presents information on connecting to and using Boston University’s Shared Computing Cluster (SCC) for Research Computing. It has material for both just beginning and more advanced users of the system.

We also have three guides/cheat sheets that may be useful to you while using the system and we recommend you bookmarking or printing out and keeping available: Getting Started Reference Sheet (PDF), Shared Computing Cluster Usage Cheat Sheet (PDF), and Linux Guide for SCC Users (PDF)

Connecting to the SCC

Learn the basics of getting connected to the SCC via your web browser or SSH client.

Managing your SCC Environment

Learn how to get the most out of the SCC by configuring your environment, learning basic Linux commands, and learning how to edit files.

Using the File System

Learn about the SCC filesystem structure, recovering lost files, and other file-related information.

Transferring Files To/From the SCC

Learn how to transfer files to and from the SCC from your home machine or other systems.

Running Jobs

Learn how to submit and track your batch jobs, taking advantage of the many thousands of processors on the SCC.

AlmaLinux 8 in Production

The SCC operating system was upgraded in early August, 2023 from CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8. Details on the differences and answers to questions about various common issues are available here.