Use of the BU Shared Computing Cluster (SCC) requires a special account although you will log in with your normal BU login and password. For those who wish to use the SCC, there are three routes to getting an account:

  • Getting added by a BU professor to a research project on the SCC; this is a full permanent account. In order to get an account, you should speak to a professor about adding you to an existing SCC research project from their SCC Management page or creating a new project to support your work. If you are a full-time BU faculty member, you can create your own project.
  • A 3 month trial account on the main SCC with a small CPU allocation. Once the trial period is over, those who find the SCC useful should switch to one of the other two account options here. To get this type of account, you should email
  • A Linux Virtual Lab account which is a permanent account on the SCC but has access to very limited disk space (10 GB) and can not use the many computational nodes on the SCC. To get this type of account, you should email