SCC Projects enable researchers and faculty to manage their resources as well as access for their research groups and/or students. Lead Project Investigators (LPIs) can view all of their research and academic course projects from their individual SCC Management Page (requires authentication with your BU login, Kerberos password, and Duo 2FA). Note that forms for managing research and academic projects may vary because of the differing policies and needs of the two types of endeavors. Also note that graduate thesis projects are considered to be research projects rather than academic projects.

SCC Course Management Guidelines

  • Create a new SCC Course Project for your course if you don’t already have one.
  • Locate all of the forms for managing your project on your individual SCC Management Page. For those new to the SCC, there is additional information on project management.
  • Remove old student accounts from your existing project if necessary.
  • If there are old student files that you would like us to remove, please email
  • Complete the semesterly course request form at the beginning of the semester.
  • You can optionally add one of your T.A.s as the IT/Administrative Contact for your project, permitting them to assist you in managing the project.
  • SCC Course Projects need to be renewed annually in August.
  • At the end of each semester, work with your students to clean up their files.

Automatic SCC account generation for your students

RCS can automatically add and set an expiration date for all of the students registered in your SCC Course Project for the semester. This is useful for a course where all students will be using the SCC. For course projects in which only a subset of students use the SCC (e.g. group projects), students should be manually added using the project’s Add User form. You can request the automatic account generation option in the semesterly course request form.

Recommended Project Directory Structure and Admin Group

RCS recommends adopting the standard course project directory structure with Admin group to facilitate organizing course data and managing  student files.