We’ve negotiated with popular hardware and software vendors to get great pricing for the BU community. Whether you’re buying for your own personal needs or for your department, you can save time and money by taking advantage of our purchasing services.

Save time and money when you choose one of our recommended systems. All recommended systems come with a warranty, and IS&T is authorized to service them. Departments get additional savings when purchasing Adobe or Microsoft software, and students, faculty, and staff and have access to University-wide software licensing.


  • Negotiated prices – we have negotiated with several vendors to give you the best prices.
  • Recommended systems – a variety of systems offered have been approved and tested by IS&T.
  • Adobe and Microsoft software – great prices for departments.


  • Personal purchases require a BU login for the BU Apple or Lenovo Educational Stores.
  • Internal Service Requests (ISRs) are required for department purchases.
  • Department purchases require a valid BU number, BU email, and BU shipping address.

Getting Started

Student Purchases

For questions regarding our Apple and Lenovo Recommended Systems program, please visit us during IT Help Center business hours or Shop Online any time.

What kind of computer should I buy? Most people use a laptop computer, but the BU community is evenly split across platforms. The IT Help Center fully supports both Microsoft Windows and the Mac OS.  Unless your academic program has specified otherwise, we recommend that you simply purchase the computer you are most comfortable using.

Personal Purchases for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are eligible for discounts on hardware and software for home/personal use. For more information, please visit us during IT Help Center business hours or Shop Online at any time.

Departmental Purchases

BU Sourcing & Procurement offers web-based catalogs for buying computers, software, and peripherals.  This service gives departments a wide range of products and excellent pricing. To begin the purchasing process for your department, visit Sourcing and Procurement. 

The IT Help Center fills Adobe and Microsoft software orders for University departments, as described at http://www.bu.edu/tech/support/purchase/departmental/.

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