Pronto is a communication tool that seamlessly integrates with your Blackboard Learn course.  It can be used in the browser or via a mobile app to aid in real-time communication.


  • Synchronous text chat
  • Video chat
  • Announcements
  • Push notifications

Video Overview

Adding Pronto to your Blackboard site

1.  Click the Pronto link within your course tools.

2.  This will bring up a link to open Pronto in another window outside of your Blackboard course

3.  In the left hand section you will see a list of your Courses, Sections, Groups and Direct Messages, preceded by a Recents section which will keep your most active communications at the top of the list.1 The primary window will display your active conversation and at the bottom of the primary window,2  you can send a message by typing in the Type a message box.3  To send the message, press enter.

4.  In the lower right, there are additional options.

  • Live Video – You can share your screen or do live video.  There is an option to record these for later viewing
  • File Attachments – You can share files from your device or cloud services like DropBox
  • Emoji – Add emotion to your text or respond to a previous message with an emoticon
  • Gif – Search and choose a GIF to express sentiment to the conversation

5.  Pronto provides “Read Receipts” which enable you to know which members of your group have seen your message. You no longer have to wonder whether or not your instructors or students are caught up in the conversation. By clicking on the images, you see a full list of who has arrived at at least that point of the chat stream.

6.  Pronto also allows for setting language preferences and will instantly translate messages into over 100 distinct languages. To adjust your language preferences, click on the small cog icon in the upper right corner1 next to your name and use the language and translation option.2

Pronto can instantly translate a message into your preferred language instantly or upon clicking the small globe icon next to the message in the chat.  Translated messages will have a globe next to them and will be highlighted in light blue.  You can see the original language of the message by clicking the globe icon a second time.

7.  Additionally, Pronto provides options for users to start direct messages, assign tasks or even create study groups.  These options can be accessed by clicking on the teal Action Button in the lower left hand corner of the site.

Loading the Pronto App on Your Phone

The Pronto App is available in Google Play or the App Store.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • IMPORTANT: Remember to go into Blackboard BEFORE loading the app.
  • You must use the email address that you use in Blackboard when you sign into Pronto.  (No one will see this but you.)
  • This app uses mobile data unless you are connected to a wifi network