Piazza's blue and grey interface features NEW Post icon on the upper left where the pointer hovers.Piazza is an online platform that facilitates interaction among students and instructors in an efficient and intuitive manner.

On Piazza, students can ask questions, and instructors and fellow classmates can answer. Instructors can allow students to participate anonymously, to encourage participation. At the time of posting a new question, students can select whether they want their question to be public (for the rest of the class to see), or private (for only instructors to see). Piazza's window for answering teacher's questions and sharing publicly, with sample math solution by student.Instructors can make public questions private and vice versa.

Piazza is also collaboration based: a student can edit another student’s question, as well as the collaborative students’ answer (note the position of the apostrophe). An instructor can edit a student’s question, the collaborative instructors’ answer, as well as the collaborative students’ answer. Questions also have a separate follow-up discussion section where follow on questions can be hashed out in a more unstructured manner as a thread. Follow-up discussions are initially marked as unresolved and can be marked as resolved by anyone who thinks the follow-up has been addressed.

For Students

Additional information on the topics below and more can be found in the Piazza Support Center.

For Instructors

Additional information on the topics below and more can be found in the Piazza Quick Start Guide as well as the Piazza Support Center.