The Echo360 Active Learning Platform is a service that can be used by student and instructors for courses. The platform features personal and classroom video captures, engagement and analytics tools that promote student engagement in classrooms and online courses.


Echo360 ALP’s analytic tools display student engagement and learning behaviors on the dashboard. This can be viewed by instructors to review what can be improved to ensure each student’s success. There are also available student engagement tools (ex. quizzes, discussions, etc.) to promote active learning. Many features of Echo360 ALP have been aimed to help students with disabilities. In situations of snow days, a lecture can be easily made up using the capture feature.

Key Features

  • Integrated uploading – publish to the BU Echo360 dashboard, Blackboard, and more.
  • Editable recordings – edit your recording easily within Echo360, before or after publishing.


  • A supported browser: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox
  • For specific setups:
    • Portable – software license for Personal Capture (usually installed on a laptop). Use your laptop’s internal microphone and webcam, or connect optional external microphone, webcam, or video camera.
    • Simple desktop – software license for Classroom Capture (usually installed on a podium computer in a classroom). Connect an external microphone. Add an optional video camera or webcam.
    • Dedicated classroom – Echo360 Capture Appliance. The appliance is usually connected to the room’s existing audio and video systems.

Getting Started


Is there any cost for the platform?

    There is NO charge for faculty leveraging existing services.

    What is the difference between the new Echo360 ALP and the old Echo360 platform?

    The new Echo360 ALP is supported on the cloud provided by Amazon S3. There are new features not provided in the old Echo360 that encourages student interaction and engagement. The new features, have students participate in Q&A discussions, note lecture materials that need more clarification, take notes corresponding to lecture time-wise, engage in short quizzes and more. The instructors also have new features that allow them to review students’ analytics in quizzes, monitor classroom activity, compare engagement scores with grades and more.

    What is the attendance policy like?

    The instructor can choose how to weigh the attendance in the overall grade.

    What is the video retention policy?

    Each instructor’s video and capture is stored in the cloud for 5 years from the semester.

    Legal content ownership?

    Contact the BU General Counsel for more information.

    How can I contact someone for further help?

    You can contact us here.

    Are there additional trainings and workshops available?

    For additional help you check out our instruction and student guides or go to the official Echo360 site.

    How do I install this platform?

    There is no downloading necessary. You will be provided access to and can use your Kerberos account to log in to your dashboard. Instructors and students get their prospective roles and their classes show up on the dashboard. For instructors, you will need to request the course first through our course request form.

    Which classrooms are equipped with Echo360?

    Go to and find a classroom. Search for your specific room. Under lecture capture, if audio and presentation capture is checked, classroom capture available for the classroom. If audio, presentation and classroom capture is checked, there is an Echo360 device available for use in the classroom.

    Have any tips for using Echo360?

    You can read more at more tips and best practices page.